City of Santa Monica Parking Standards

Santa Monica does a really great job in making its parking standards organized and readily searchable.

Standard parking space is 8′-6″ x 18′ with a 25′ aisle for a 61′ parking bay. Commercial areas may be able to reduce aisle width by increasing stall width at a ratio of 3:1 (allowing for 9′-6″ x 18′ with a 22′ aisle).

Compacts are 7′-6″ x 15′ with a 20′ aisle for a 50′ parking bay.

Santa Monica Parking Standard

Santa Monica parking layout

Note that stalls will need widening if there are columns or obstructions in shaded areas.

There is a min. 22′ turning radius for multi-family parking.

Go to the official site for more details on parking garages, ramps, bicycle parking ratios, single family/ multi-family standards.

Refer to Santa Monica’s Muni Code for loading tables.


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